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Our endorsement badge is recognised as a symbol of a great place for technologists to work at
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  • Go through the checklist to ensure you're on track
  • Demonstrate to employees & customers that DEI is important to you
  • Set the right targets to achieve the right goals
Valid for 12 months


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Frequently asked questions

What is an accreditation?

An accreditation badge demonstrates to your stakeholders that you are a great place for diverse technologists to work.
It can be used for marketing and recruitment purposes and helps make sure organisations are keeping an eye on important things that can sometimes fall off the radar.

How long will it take?

It is a two part process.
There is a form for your organisation to work through, and then we connect with some of your people to ascertain their lived experiences.
After this, you either get the accreditation badge, or we work with you to make a few changes.

If I pay, will I get it?

The accreditation doesn't come to you just because you paid.
There is a criteria that needs to be met in order to receive the accreditation badge.
If you don't meet the standard when we first chat, we work with you to get there.

How long is it valid?

The accreditation badge is valid for 12 months from when you receive it.
We do check in at the 6 month mark to see if you have any questions or concerns.

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“The Human Collective has been invaluable in helping us become the organisation we aspire to be: diverse, inclusive, excellent. The 21st century requires a different human operating logic to the past - we create more value for our clients, are more successful as a business, and are having more fun along the way!!”
David Carbines
CEO @CogsFlow