Midnyte City Partnership

Like Vegemite & cheese, like pavlova & cream, like snags & bread, like fish & chips, some things just work well together, which is why we are excited to announce our inaugural partnership with Midnyte City.

Midnyte City is a perfect first partner! Our two companies have a natural alignment. Midnyte City believes that modern business systems are equal parts human and technology; to that end, they have a strong focus on staff development and ensuring policies and processes are as inclusive as possible. 

The Human Collective believes that companies with diverse teams are more creative, innovative and profitable; so there is a commercial imperative to attract, retain and develop diverse talent. 

Now we get to work together to build great tech teams that build great products.

The Human Collective is on a mission to create a connected ecosystem of tech women & non-binary folks who feel empowered and confident to unlock their potential and drive one another’s success. Let’s get more diverse people into tech leadership! 

Come and join our Community today.

Together, we can all be better!

NB: That last line is for you Michele Playfair.

Drop us a message and see how we can help you!

“Using this template has saved my marriage! I am more than thrilled!”
Gianna Johnson
Director @Company

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