Ensure the work you've done to date is built upon

Career Progression Frameworks

Make sure promotions & career progression is fair and merit based

We have a selection of competency frameworks that recognise and reward 'glue work' as well as technical contribution. We help you identify strengths in underrepresented groups, and creates career & growth plans to ensure everyone has equal access to opportunities.
What’s included >
  • Engineering Competency Assessment
  • Engineering Competency framework
  • User Guides
  • Implementation & training workshop
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Frequently asked questions

Why do we need a career growth framework?

We all have our own subconscious biases built in. Working with a framework to assess career progression opportunities for staff helps mitigate these.
Great tech leaders are working hard to build out diverse teams, only to lose staff due to stalled career progression.

Is it hard to implement?

Transforming a culture to be more diverse and inclusive take a lot of time and effort.
The framework requires buy-in from technical leaders, executives and HR, then it is simple to implement.
We want to help you get back to solving the problems of your business.

Can't I just build my own?

Absolutely! But do you want to?
We have invested that hard work, time and effort into understanding how to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive team, and ensuring career progression frameworks help achieve this goal.

HR already have a framework

It's great that your organisation takes progression and promotion seriously. Having a framework to work through is really important.
Sometimes, tech roles and career pathways don't align to traditional HR promotion tracks.
We love to work with HR teams and align the technical framework with what is already in the organisation.

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“The Human Collective has been invaluable in helping us become the organisation we aspire to be: diverse, inclusive, excellent. The 21st century requires a different human operating logic to the past - we create more value for our clients, are more successful as a business, and are having more fun along the way!!”
David Carbines
CEO @CogsFlow