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A great group of technologists who support, encourage and amplify one another.
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  • Connect on Slack
  • Come to events (IRL & online)
  • Grow your network of diverse technologists
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Frequently asked questions

Why community?

We are on a mission to create a connected ecosystem of tech women & non-binary folks who feel empowered and confident to unlock their potential and drive one another’s success.

What do you do?

Community allows us to come together. To connect, learn and amplify. Four times a year we will host members to come together with great food & drinks (remotely for the time being), so we can have an evening of connection and inspiration.

Do you run events?

We run a variety of events to help you with your career:
Want to learn a bit more about a specific language? We've got it.
What to learn how to negotiate for a pay rise? We've got that covered too.
Want to hang out with a nice drink and some good snacks and chat?We've got that sorted too!
Want to grab a coffee with someone from the C-Suite?That's on the cards as well.

What's the benefit?

By joining The Human Collective community and attending events,  you are choosing to invest in yourself.
Use these opportunities to stop, breathe, think, share, and put in the time to carve your path forward, and advance your goals.

Drop us a message and see how we can help you!

“The Human Collective has been invaluable in helping us become the organisation we aspire to be: diverse, inclusive, excellent. The 21st century requires a different human operating logic to the past - we create more value for our clients, are more successful as a business, and are having more fun along the way!!”
David Carbines
CEO @CogsFlow