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Polish Your Recruitment

Encouraging underrepresented people in tech to apply for roles at your organisation is hard

There are some simple steps to help you make a difference.
What’s included >
  • Assistance to craft your job advertisements
  • Review of salary structures, employment policies and 'job perks'
  • Assistance with interview question curation
  • Assistance with screening, interview & post-interview process
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Frequently asked questions

What's wrong with my job ads?

The words and phrases you use in your job descriptions can carry a lot of meaning which can signal that a certain type of person is a better fit for the role.
If you use an excessive amount of masculine-coded terms, it is likely to decrease the number of women who apply.

Pay and Perks

Do you regularly run pay audits and fix any gaps that appear?
Are your perks about ping-pong tables and bean bags, or are you more focused on flexible working?
The decisions you make around these policies send very clear signals into the market.

Interview Questions

To make fair, data-driven hiring decisions, you’ll first need to define what you’re going to be testing for.
We recommend choosing 6-8 skills, these can be made up of a mix of:
Technical Skills
Value-Based Skills
Work Characteristics

Interview Process

As humans, we're all subject to unconscious biases. Whilst absolutely necessary to navigate our everyday lives, these can lead to serious negative outcomes when it comes to hiring decisions. Given that most bias is unconscious, the only way to effectively reduce it and improve outcomes is to tweak our hiring process to design this bias away. 

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“The Human Collective has been invaluable in helping us become the organisation we aspire to be: diverse, inclusive, excellent. The 21st century requires a different human operating logic to the past - we create more value for our clients, are more successful as a business, and are having more fun along the way!!”
David Carbines
CEO @CogsFlow